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Your student experience

Lancaster's community is global with research, teaching and student exchange partnerships with leading universities and institutions in 24 countries around the world.

Lancaster's journey has been a remarkable one, and it is now one of the top universities in the world, with an ambitious plan for the future.

As a student in Leipzig, you will benefit from a true Lancaster University experience. The University is committed to ensuring that each student gains access to the same quality of teaching, support and value as in the UK campus. You will study in English in Germany combining high-quality UK education with German job opportunities and lifestyle.

Studying in Leipzig comes with a huge range of benefits. The ability to explore Europe from a central location, live within a safe and culturally diverse city and benefit from post-study work opportunities, make this an extremely exciting option.

Why should you choose Germany as a study destination?

- Third most popular study destination in the world

- 18-month post-study work visa

- Accessible and well connected, by air and rail

- Ability to explore the rest of Europe on your study visa

- Affordable living costs

- The vibrant, dynamic and diverse study environment

- Safe and welcoming to international students

Don't worry if you don't speak German

You do not need German for entry into Lancaster University Leipzig (you do need to prove your English level as part of your application) and it's easy to navigate your way around the city with little knowledge of the German language. We do recommend that students learn basic German language skills, and the staff at Lancaster University Leipzig will support you to do this, through language classes. This is an opportunity to add additional language skills to your CV, which is always attractive to future employers. 

Basic German

- Ja - Yes

- Nein - No

- Bitte - Please

- Danke - Thank you

- Vielen Dank - Thank you very much

- Hallo - Hello

- Guten Morgen - Good morning

- Guten Tag - Good day