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Kickstart your career with a wide range of Lancaster University Leipzig tools and resources.

A Growing Network of Partners

Lancaster University chose Leipzig to set up a campus not only because of its high quality of life, affordable living space and great infrastructure. It also holds exciting career and employment prospects for well-qualified people.

In the past 20 years Leipzig has evolved to the fastest growing city in Germany. The five main industry clusters are Automotive, Biotech, IT & Media, Logistics and Energy that have generated 48% more employment since 2005.

With continuous investment from companies like Porsche, BMW, Beiersdorf, Amazon and DHL Leipzig will continue to grow and attract talent from all over the world.

Read the full Leipzig Means Business Report 

Since its inception in 2019 Lancaster University Leipzig has grown an extensive partner network that benefits both; the university and industry.

“There is a huge demand for international talent in Leipzig and Germany. Studying at Lancaster University Leipzig not only brings you specialised knowledge but also a set of values and skills unique to our students.”

Josefine Fitchett, Career & Engagement Manager

What we offer

  • A growing professional network
  • Lancaster University Leipzig partner network includes:
    • Individual Career Support
    • Knowing what you can do with your study course and where to research jobs is important. At Lancaster University Leipzig we offer you bespoke career support to land a job during your study programme and after graduation.
    • Our Career and Engagement Manager offers one-to-one consultations for CV and cover letter writing, interview preparation and supports you in shaping your future career.

What our students can expect

  • One-to-one guidance
  • Employability and professional skills building workshops
  • Career events and networking opportunities on and off campus
  • An extensive network with companies and institutions
  • Engagement with the local ‘start-up’ and entrepreneurship community through Hackathon’s, Start-Up Safaris, and Meet-Up’s
  • 2nd and 3rd year student projects & internships

Your professional career in Leipzig

Josefine Fitchett, Career and Engagement Manager at Lancaster University Leipzig, talks about career opportunities for students in Leipzig and explains how the university prepares our students for this next step.

Your career in Germany with Lancaster University Leipzig

Career Fairs on campus

We regularly organise career fairs where we invite top employers on campus to engage with our students. These fairs enable our students to meet companies like Deloitte, EY, EEX, Spread Group and Prisma and find out if they are the right fit for their future career.

In March 2023, we organised the first career meetup on campus, attended by exciting companies and international talent from the fields of business and computing. Participants had a chance to attend interesting talks, presentations, CV consultations, and other activities.

Workshops and Projects

We offer regular workshops that will boost your career skills and companies visit us on campus for projects and team-work challenges. Topics include: CV and cover letter writing, how to build professional relationships, how to LinkedIn, time management, etc. We work closely with hiring companies that visit us on campus to share insights and give exclusive tips to our students.

Beyond that, we organise visits to local companies like DHL, Spread Group or Amazon to give students an impression of how these businesses operate and a first-hand experience.

Digital Career Centre: JobTeaser

Lancaster University Leipzig has entered a cooperation with provider JobTeaser that works with hundreds of universities and companies across Europe.

Job Teaser FAQs

What can I find on Job Teaser?

On Job Teaser you can find jobs and internships tailored to your degree. Beyond that there are career events, company profiles and career resources all free for you to access. You can also book career consultation hours with Lancaster University Leipzig

Is Job Teaser free to use?

Yes, Job Teaser is free to use.

Is there a Job Teaser App?

Yes, you can download Job Teaser in the Google Play store or Apple App Store.

How can I register with Job Teaser?

You can register with Job Teaser using your email address as Job Teaser is only accessible for students from Lancaster University Leipzig and Lancaster partner universities.

Post-study work permit

After completing your UK education in Germany, you can apply for an 18-month post-study residence permit upon graduation.

You can apply for the residence permit to look for a job that corresponds to your qualifications. You can apply for this permit as soon as you have passed your final exam.

During these 18 months, you make take up any kind of employment to support yourself and fund your job search.


Are you a potential employer?

The Lancaster University Leipzig Careers Manager is committed to supporting businesses big and small to engage with our students and graduates. We are passionate about partnering with employers to help support your recruitment goals.

We recognise every company is different and therefore we have a range of ways you can engage with us. From internships, student projects, working students and graduates – we offer something for every employer.

Lancaster University Leipzig benefits businesses in Leipzig and the region by helping to minimise the employability gap, supporting the city’s internationalisation strategy, enhancing the city’s global reputation as a lucrative location for investment.


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