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Gender Equality Plan

LU Leipzig is a branch campus of Lancaster University and we follow Lancaster University’s overall values committed to creating a fairer and more inclusive institution for all staff, students, visitors and our wider university community.

Equality, diversity and inclusion is an integral part of our University’s strategy, values and activities. Staff and students recognise that we all have a key role to play in making this a reality.

LU Leipzig’s plans for gender equality are embedded within a range of initiatives, reports and action plans, in line with our over-arching approach to equality, diversity and inclusion. As branch campus, we fall under Lancaster University’s Gender Equality Plan  (LancasterUniversityGenderEqualityPlan_2.pdf).

Alignment of LU Leipzig’s activities to the Horizon Europe Gender Equality Plan (GEP) requirements are as follows:

Be a Public Document

This Plan is available on LU Leipzig’s website. It is aligned to Lancaster University’s published Strategic Plan – Lancaster University, focused on respecting one another, working together supportively and creating positive change.

This document has been approved by Lancaster University Leipzig’s Collaborative Board chaired by the Pro Vice-Chancellor, Professor Simon Guy. LU Leipzig’s GEP aligns strongly with the institutional and departmental Athena Swan action plans and broader EDI commitments of Lancaster University. The Athena Swan Charter is a higher education programme for the advancement of gender equality.

Have dedicated resources

As collaborative partnership between Lancaster University and Navitas, the LU Leipzig’s EDI work is led from the top, as part of the Academic Dean’s (LU) and the Campus Director’s (Navitas) portfolio.

EDI representatives (1 per department/professional services) will be appointed in the academic year 2023/2024. These roles provide oversight and bring priority and focus to our EDI activity. LU Leipzig has one joined EDI committee involving academic departments and professional services that meets once per term and oversees university action plans.

Include data collection and monitoring activities

Student data including diversity information is collected and shared with relevant staff. In addition, we establish dashboards on workforce, starters, leavers, recruitment and promotions, which disaggregate data by gender and other characteristics. These dashboards will be available to the Academic Dean and Campus Director as well as Heads of Department.

Include training and awareness raising

All staff are required to complete a mandatory EDI training module within three months of starting at LU Leipzig, and this training needs to be refreshed every three years. In addition, all recruiting panels are required to complete ‘Recruiting the Best’ training. These modules look at aspects of bias, including unconscious bias, confirmation bias and the halo effect.

As part of Lancaster University, all Lancaster University Leipzig staff and students have access to an online development platform hosting a range of e-learning modules, videos and articles (Inclusive Lancaster – Lancaster University). These resources have a specific focus on equality, diversity and inclusion, including unconscious bias, sex discrimination, pregnancy and maternity and the importance of fostering inclusion. Additionally, we hold available on-campus, German language information about pregnancy, maternity and parental leave.

Recommended focus areas

The aim is to address focus areas along with the Lancaster University plan. Two focus areas are initially addressed.

  • Gender equality in recruitment and career progression
  • Consideration of gender in teaching and research

Leipzig, October 2023

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