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Home & Co (Halle)

Location: Am Zollrain 5a, 06124 Halle

The Home & Co student residence is located in Halle, within one hour commute from Lancaster University Leipzig. The S-Bahn/regional train station is located within 5 min walk from the residence. The cost of the commute is covered by the student travel pass.

The Home & Co Südliche Neustadt residence offers furnished and unfurnished flats for your semester or long-term stay. The home is characterised by a familiar and warm-hearted atmosphere. You will also have a unique view over the entire city from the rooftop of this  high-rise building.

The rental prices for unfurnished apartments range between €359 and €499 / month and include all bills and Internet.

If you have questions about the apartments or the booking process, please email at Home & Co.

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