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Food and Drink

Discover a culinary adventure in Leipzig – Diverse City, Diverse cuisine

Leipzig has something to offer everyone’s tastes. From traditional German dishes to a variety of Asian, Mediterranean, and European eateries throughout the city, you will always be able to find what you fancy.

The city has a thriving café culture, with lots of cosy places to grab a hot drink. In the summer most restaurants will operate outdoor seating, so the city is filled with music and chatter.

The city’s southern-central street, the Karl-Liebnecht and the newly developed Karl-Heine street in Plagwitz are just two examples of streets full of such places. 

International Food

As well as its national and local dishes, Leipzig has plenty to offer in terms of world cuisine. The city is home to a wide range of restaurants, takeaways and eateries, from Vietnamese dumpling houses, pizza places, ramen spots, and curry houses.

You can find ingredients for your favourite home-cooked meals in shops and local markets all around the city. Our city centre campus makes it easy for you to combine learning with shopping.

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