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From fresh produce at the weekly markets, to high-end fashion, you can find everything you are looking for in Leipzig.

City Centre Shopping

Leipzig has more arcades than other city in Germany. 30 of these are still in operation – 20 of which feature original architecture dating back to the 1900s. These host a variety of designer, brand and independent shops – something for everyone.

Alongside these, Leipzig’s city centre hosts popular department stores suitable for all tastes.

Leipzig’s Central Station, the biggest in Europe, is one of the most modern shopping and service centres in Germany offering a great alternative to the pedestrian-oriented city centre that remains the favourite destination for an interesting shopping trip for many Leipzig residents and visitors.

Strolling and Shopping in Leipzig

Leipzig is a paradise for shoppers that are looking for a unique experience. In the creative city of Leipzig there are numerous small labels that offer beautiful products far away from the mainstream.

A detour away from the central shopping streets in Leipzig is very worthwhile and will lead you to surprising treasures.

Leipzig Markets

Leipzig residents and visitors love markets. There are 15 weekly markets dotted around the city! The most popular is held on Market Square in the heart of the city, every Tuesday and Friday. Here you can find fresh fruits and vegetables, international produce, and colour craft stalls.

If you like to find a bargain or just to browse stalls full of weird and wonderful second-hand goods, check our the city’s regular flea markets.

In the period before Christmas, locally called ‘advent’, the Market Square and the whole of Leipzig’s pedestrianised city centre are turning into Fairy-Tale Forest and the world’s largest free-standing advent calendar at the popular Leipzig Christmas Market.

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