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Business and Corporate Partnerships

At Lancaster University Leipzig, we understand the critical role that corporate partnerships play in enhancing the student experience, driving innovation and increasing the impact of academic research.

We Facilitate Meaningful Engagements

Our corporate partnerships are designed to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships between the university and businesses across various sectors. Through industry placements, collaborative research projects, and knowledge exchange opportunities, we facilitate meaningful engagements that address real-world challenges while providing students and faculty with invaluable industry insights.

By fostering these connections, we not only support the growth and competitiveness of our corporate partners but also enrich the academic experience for our students and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in our communities and beyond.

Chat with Ambassadors

Find out more about Lancaster University Leipzig directly from our current student ambassadors and staff.

Our ambassadors are happy to provide you with first-hand information and insights about studying and living in Germany.

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