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Other Accommodation Providers

Other accommodation options in Leipzig include:

  • HC24 – an aggregator for private accommodation search (English-speaking staff)
  • Casita - an aggregator for private accommodation search (English-speaking staff)

Private Housing & Flat sharing (WG)

If you prefer the serenity of your own home, looking for an apartment is the best choice for you. However, if you wish to become more fluent in German, you could also consider looking for a private room in a shared apartment. Commonly referred to as WG (Wohngemeinschaft), it is among the most common student living choices. Prices vary depending on the size and location of the flat and can range from €250 to €500. Popular quarters are Zentrum, Südvorstadt, Waldstraßenviertel, Schleußig, Plagwitz and Gohlis. You can look online for an apartment or a shared room by checking the following websites:

We recommend starting to look for private housing and WGs (shared accommodation) as soon as possible as there will be many students, from the other Leipzig universities too, looking for a place to live. Your chances of finding a place will increase if you respond to the most recently posted advertisements. Before signing a tenancy agreement, you might need the following documents such as your passport, the city registration document (Anmeldebestätigung), student ID, a bank statement and a credit report (SCHUFA). Unless otherwise stated in your rental contract, rent is usually due at the beginning of the month. In Germany, it is not common to provide your rent in cash, and most landlords will expect you to transfer rent directly into their bank accounts.

Do remember that private accommodation also involves you setting up any additional providers (such as TV and Internet), so you might want to opt for the all-inclusive option of Basecamp instead.

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