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Research of Dr Jiejun Hu-Bolz will be funded by the EU

22 May 2024

For the first time, LU Leipzig has successfully secured funding from the European Union (EU). Our Assistant Professor Dr Jiejun Hu-Bolz has been notified that her application for a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action has been successful and that her research will be funded by the EU next year.

The winning research project is called TRACE-V2X (Smart and Proactive Multi-RAT Traffic Steering for V2X), in which we are a partner. The project has been awarded a €350,000 research grant from the European Commission under the MSCA Staff Exchanges 2022 scheme. Dr. Jiejun Hu-Bolz is the Principal Investigator for LULC’s involvement in this project, leading our contribution to this cutting-edge research.

Global Collaboration

We are delighted to be working with leading institutions in Europe, China and Malaysia to research connectivity, security and privacy in V2X communications. In addition, this project has international partners not only from China and Malaysia, but also from France, Germany and the UK.

What is TRACE-V2X?

TRACE-V2X is a state of the art project that will revolutionise the way vehicles communicate with each other and their environment (V2X). The project will focus on developing technology that ensures reliable communication and uses massive sensing to collect huge amounts of data from vehicle and roadside sensors. This will enable improved situational awareness and decision making for a safer and more efficient transport system.

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