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LU Leipzig students visiting Spread Group HQ in Leipzig

02 Feb 2024

Exciting Day for Lancaster University Leipzig students at Spread Group in the Leipzig HQ!

Our students had the incredible opportunity to delve into the heart of innovation and creativity during their company tour at Spread Group Leipzig. From witnessing cutting-edge production processes to immersing themselves in a culture of collaboration and innovation, it was a day filled with inspiration and learning.

The opportunity to engage with industry leaders like Spread Group Leipzig not only broadens their horizons but also ignites their passion for future career paths.

One of the best parts was to hear about LU Leipzig’s alumnus Ahmet Duser‘s experiences working at Spread Group as a Junior Software Developer.

We extend our sincere gratitude to our partner Spread Group Leipzig, particularly Khaled AmirianLuna Perich Paglia and Huy Kim for their warm welcome and invaluable insights shared with our students. Your dedication to nurturing the next generation of talent is truly commendable.
What one of our students said: “I found that we were made to feel really welcome, and we were given lots of both specific and transferable information. The insights into the hiring process were particularly helpful, along with the talks on branding. Overall the best part of the tour was getting to experience the workspace and atmosphere of SpreadGroup – it seems like a genuinely inclusive and modern workplace!”

Here’s to the limitless possibilities that lie ahead!

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