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Daniel Biro brings two campuses together

23 May 2024

This year, our student Daniel Biro had the pleasure of attending Lancaster University’s Undergraduate Research Conference. Together with his research partner Gabi Haigh, they presented their project, which focused on inequality in the national education systems of different countries. The project was part of the Global Classroom module, which brought all of Lancaster’s campuses closer together by collaborating on the proposed assignments and learning outcomes.

While in Lancaster, he stopped by the Lancaster University Management School Careers Centre and had a very productive discussion with Tanya Parry about possible job opportunities in the UK, not just for LUMS students enrolled at the Leipzig campus. The resources available to the UK team are impressive. “I am sure that with this first step in strengthening the connection between the two campuses, our students will only stand to benefit” Daniel concludes. He especially thanks Kamila Szalast and her team in Leipzig, without whom this whole trip would not have been possible.

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