Welcoming new students

Find out what to expect during your first week on Campus!

Orientation and enrolment

Michaelmas term – October 2023

The official Student Orientation starts  on Monday, 2nd of October. 

During the orientation week the students will:

  • meet and great academics and professional services staff
  • get together with fellow-students
  • explore the campus and Leipzig
  • receive an introduction to the academic process
  • understand the city registration process, and application for residence permit
  • receive an introduction to Lancaster University’s Virtual Library
  • take part in intercultural sessions
  • celebrate the beginning of their academic journey at Lancaster University Leipzig

You will find out about the full schedule for that week when you arrive on campus.  It is mandatory for students to attend the orientation week. However, students who are still awaiting their student visas may join the enrolment week virtually, via ‘hybrid start’*. If you can't attend the orientation in person, please make sure you indicate this information in the pre-arrival form. 

'Orientation Session' for accompanying family members 

Some students will arrive to Leipzig accompanied by their family members who will support them with settling in.

We will be organising a special session for accompanying family to share necessary information.  After the meeting, family members will have a chance to explore Leipzig on a tour around the campus and city.  If you plan to arrive with accompanying family, please make sure you indicate this information in the pre-arrival form.

We look forward to welcoming your family into the Lancaster University Leipzig community!


*Hybrid (online start) not available for MSc programme students. MSc students are required to resume on campus for the orientation/first week of classes. 

Join the upcoming Pre-Arrival Webinar

Join the webinar with our campus team and find out all you need to know before you arrive to Leipzig.

Check the Academic Calendar

Check out the Student Academic Calendar to  plan for time at the university. 

Learn about accommodation options

If you haven't decided on your accommodation yet, check out the options we recoomend to our students.