Future Student Updates (COVID-19)

Lancaster University Leipzig

Welcome to Lancaster University Leipzig!

Apply now to start your studies with Lancaster University, taught in the heart of Europe's mainland. Lancaster University Leipzig is a branch campus of Lancaster University. LU Leipzig offers a range of degree programmes, with the university committed to providing the same academic quality and fully rounded student experience as in the UK. Lancaster University´s operation in Leipzig has been approved by the Saxon State Ministry for Higher Education, Research and the Arts.

The campus is centrally located in Leipzig's inner city, and welcomes students from all backgrounds.  

Hybrid Programme Start - 2022/23

Regardless of location, visa processing time or Covid-19 restrictions: students of Lancaster University Leipzig will be able to start their studies this October semester. This hybrid start of the programmes allows students to either join on-campus, or digitally. For Foundation students this will be for the full first semester (until September). The direct degree students will be required to resume on campus at the start of their second semester (at the latest).

The hybrid method allows students to dial-in to classes which also happen on-site in real-time. This will be conducted via TEAMS and video-link. This way, students become members of a group – a group of students joining online and offline. This will facilitate an easier transition once remote students can join us on campus. We currently do not run alternative times, so students will need to ensure they have stable internet access and available during CET time zone class hours.

Why study in Germany?

  • 18-month post-study work visa
  • Travel Europe on a student visa
  • Affordable living costs
  • Globally recognised education system
  • A vibrant and dynamic lifestyle
  • Opportunity to learn new languages
  • Safe and welcoming

Why Lancaster University in Leipzig?

  • A UK degree from a Top UK University 
  • Degree taught in English
  • Focus on student welfare and experience
  • Central location in the heart of Europe
  • A growing economy and inward investment
  • Alternative entry via an International Foundation Year
  • Learn conversational German
  • Student-City with a decreasing average age
  • Over 40,000 students throughout the city
  • 'Silicon Saxony' with numerous nearby startups, largely technologically focused

Are you interested in studying in the UK?

Based on your academic standing you have the option of spending your second year at our main Lancaster campus in the UK. This is great for those of you who would like to take a year to experience British culture without putting your studies on hold.

Other benefits of a study abroad year include the opportunity to develop your cultural competence and to widen your global network. It broadens your education in a new teaching and learning context and provides you with different perspectives on your discipline.

Degree recognition for Postgraduate studies

Lancaster University Leipzig is a branch campus of Lancaster University in the UK, and the courses we provide are identical to their counterparts in the UK.

Upon successful completion of one of the undergraduate programmes, students who study in Leipzig receive their degrees from Lancaster University. It does not matter where a student studied – either at the Leipzig campus or at the main Bailrigg campus in the UK; students are awarded the same degree certificate issued by Lancaster University in the UK. This enables students to apply to any postgraduate programme in Germany, the UK or in any other country in the world. Your Lancaster University degree is internationally recognised and highly valued by institutions and employers.