Funding and finance

See what loans and funding you might be entitled to during your studies

Brain Capital (EU and non-EU students)

Income share agreement - Study first, Pay later. 

The cooperation between Brain Capital GmbH and Lancaster University Leipzig has existed since 2022 and offers students the opportunity to realize their desired studies at a private university. The cooperation enables an uncomplicated application process before the start of studies and a fast processing of tuition fee payments during the studies, so that the full concentration can be on the study. Together, Brain Capital GmbH and Lancaster University stand for a high-quality education without financial hurdles.

  • Who is eligible?

EU citizens:

The prerequisite for an application is EU citizenship or a permanent work and residence permit within the EU as well as basic German language skills. 

Possible support for non-EU citizens:

The prerequisite for an application is EU citizenship or a permanent work and residence permit within the EU as well as basic German language skills. Applicants from Switzerland, the UK, Canada, the USA and Australia may also receive funding in individual cases.


  • Detailed information:
For full information, please visit the official partner website:
  • How to apply:

Application | Lancaster Education Fund (


  • Contact details:

T: +49 261 450934 91 | E: |

FINS (EU Students)

Private student loan scheme

FINS is a private student loan scheme that offers personalised financial solutions to EU students, enabling those with a lack of financial resources to pursue higher education abroad.

The scheme was introduced to Lancaster University Leipzig in 2021 and is open to all EU students who want to apply, have applied, or have already received an offer to study an Undergraduate or Postgraduate course at Lancaster University Leipzig.

EU students can access up to EUR 25,000 for undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

The FINS loan scheme is flexible and can be used for the following:

  • Tuition fee

  • Monthly living costs of meals and rent (including rent deposit)

  • Books and other study materials or equipment

  • Medical Insurance

  • Transportation

  • Urgent expenses

Application process

If you would like to find out more about the application process, please get in touch with FINS on their website.


FINS takes into consideration the following eligibility criteria when assessing applications:

  • EU citizen pursuing their studies in another country than that where they graduated their previous education cycle

  • EU citizen that has no outstanding/unpaid debts for previous loans by other financial institutions.

Please contact for further information.

BAföG (German students)

State support for studying at Lancaster University in Leipzig

The German Federal Training Assistant Act (BAföG) is state support, half of which consists of an interest-free loan and the other half of a state grant. The loan can be repaid after graduation under favourable conditions.

You can find detailed information on BAföG via the Federal Ministry

The Studentenwerk Leipzig is responsible for all applications. Please contact them via: 

Studentenwerk Leipzig

Goethestrasse 6 - 04109 Leipzig


Tel .: +49 341 9659-5