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Fee Status Questionnaire

All fields marked with are required.

Personal Details   


Current Residence

Current Residence

Please give details of the country or countries in which you have been a resident in during the past ten years

Reasons might include that you were living with your parents or a spouse, that you moved there in order to study, or that you moved there for work.

Immigration Status (please tick any that apply and give dates as required)

If none of above categories cover you, or if your status is likely to change before the start of the course please give details below and provide supporting evidence (examples of other leave could include; the grant of Discretionary/Exceptional leave to remain or enter in EU/EEA/UK/Switzerland, Humanitarian Protection)

Time limit on stay

Employment in the EU/EEA/UK/Switzerland

Have you, your spouse or your parents worked in the EU/EEA/UK/Switzerland?

Additional Information

I certify that, to the best of my belief, the information I have provided is complete and true

The GDPR and Data Protection Legislation: I agree to the University processing personal data contained in this form or other data which the University may obtain from me or other people. I agree to the processing of such data for any purposes connected with my studies or my health and safety whilst on the premises or for any other legitimate reason including communication with me following the completion of my studies. In addition, I agree to the University processing personal data described as Sensitive Data within the meaning of the GDPR and local data protection legislation such processing to be undertaken for any purposes indicated in the Declaration.

If you require any assistance with this questionnaire, please contact your Admissions Officer. The completed questionnaire and supporting documents should be returned to your Admissions Officer.

If any information supplied by you is found to be incorrect, we reserve the right to reassess your fee status at any time.  Fees will be amended accordingly.

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