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Studying at Lancaster University Leipzig gives you the opportunity to study at a globally recognised British university on a bright and modern European campus. 

All courses are taught in English, with German courses offered to those who are interested. This allows students to improve their grasp on two of the most widely used languages in global industry. 

Welcome to Lancaster University Leipzig

Studying with Lancaster is about more than just a qualification. We want you to leave university with the skills and confidence you need for the future you want.

Global rankings

Although you’ll study in Leipzig, you’ll earn the same degree as students studying at the Lancaster University campus. This means you can apply to any postgraduate programme in Germany, the UK or any other country in the world.  

Lancaster University degrees are globally recognised for their excellence, and some of the University’s accolades include:  

Global reach

Bachelor degree students have the option to spend their second year at Lancaster University in the UK. Depending on your academic standing, you may have the option to start and finish your degree in Germany and spend one academic year in the UK. This will allow you to broaden your education in a new teaching and learning context and will provide you with different perspectives on your discipline.

Alongside the standard careers support available to all students, the University offers specialist career programmes and resources for international students, to ensure you are job-ready for Germany, your home country or anywhere else in the world.

You can also apply for an 18-month post-study work visa, allowing you time to work and explore your options in Leipzig or the rest of Germany before starting your career. Given that Leipzig is a hub for industry, arts, and tech, it is a great place to start your professional journey.

No need to speak German

You do not need German for entry into Lancaster University Leipzig (you do need to prove your English level as part of your application). All classes are being taught in English. It is easy to navigate your way around the city with little knowledge of the German language.

We do recommend that students learn basic German language skills in our in-house language classes. This is an opportunity to add additional language skills to your CV, which is always attractive to future employers. 

Free German classes

We teach German (A1) free of charge to non-German speaking students. If you want to continue on higher levels – something you may want to consider if you intend to remain in Germany – you can benefit from our partnership with a local language school.

Hybrid teaching (2022/23)

We understand students from some countries may have difficulties with obtaining their visa due to visa processing time or Covid-19 restrictions.  

In response to this, students at Lancaster University Leipzig have an option to start this Michaelmas term  (the term starting in October) online.  

The hybrid start of the programme allows students to either join on-campus, or digitally. For Foundation and Pre-Masters students this will be for the full first year. The direct Bachelor degree students will be required to resume on campus at the start of their second term (at the latest). The direct Master degree students, given the fact the course runs for one academic year only, are required to come to campus in October.  

The hybrid method allows students to dial-in to classes which also happen on-site in real-time. This will be conducted via TEAMS and video-link. This way, students become members of a group – a group of students joining online and offline. This will facilitate an easier transition once remote students can join us on campus. We currently do not run alternative times, so students will need to ensure they have stable internet access and available during CET time zone class hours. 

Degree recognition for postgraduate study

Lancaster University Leipzig is a branch campus of Lancaster University in the UK, and the courses we provide are identical to their counterparts in the UK. 

Upon successful completion of one of the undergraduate or postgraduate programmes, students who study in Leipzig receive their degrees from Lancaster University. It does not matter where a student studied – either at the Leipzig campus or at the main Bailrigg campus in the UK; students are awarded the same degree certificate issued by Lancaster University in the UK. This enables students to apply to any postgraduate programme in Germany, the UK or in any other country in the world. Your Lancaster University degree is internationally recognised and highly valued by institutions and employers. 

More information

Lancaster University

By studying at Lancaster University Leipzig, you will receive a degree from an internationally acclaimed UK university while studying on a European campus.  

German industry

Leipzig’s economy and industry have seen a promising boom. With a focus on manufacturing, technology, finance, and the arts.

Post-study opportunities

With Germany’s 18-month post-study visa, and thriving industry, Leipzig is a great place to kick-start your career.