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Undergraduate Withdrawal and Tuition Fee Policy

Please review the full process here: Undergraduate Withdrawal Process

Speak to someone

If you are considering withdrawing, you should make an appointment with a specialist adviser who can explain your options.

They may include transferring to another course or university, obtaining deferrals of assessments or extensions, receiving additional support, taking a break from your course or restarting the first year. If you are no longer in Leipzig, you can arrange a telephone appointment.

You may also like to receive advice or support from your department or specialist services. Your advisor will be able to help arrange this.

Make your decision

If following your meeting with an adviser you decide to withdraw from university, you will be asked to complete the UG withdrawal guidance form.

Confirmation of withdrawal will be emailed to you and a transcript of your completed years will then be sent to your home address. Meanwhile, the University will inform relevant teams and services of your decision.

Complete the process:


If you rent privately you will need to speak with your landlord/landlady or agency directly.

Settle outstanding debts and resolve financial issues

The University will recalculate your fees and, if applicable, cease your awards. If you are supported by a funding or scholarship body, the University will inform them. 

  • Any new student who withdraws by the Friday of week 1 of teaching will not be charged tuition fees and the University will refund in full any tuition fees paid.
  • Any student who withdraws before the end of week 4 of teaching will be liable for the fees for that semester/term
  • After week 4, students will be liable for the full academic years fees. 

If you have any outstanding University debts, they will need to be settled.

You should change your bank account from a student to a standard account.

Hand in library books

The University will arrange for your University card and account including email to be discontinued. Meanwhile, you should return any books.

Switch over your health services

If you are receiving University counselling support, this will cease, and, if you are relocating, you should register with a new Doctors surgery.

Get careers advice

You may find it useful to get advice about your career options.

Are you registered with our Disability Service?

Your disability support may stop once you are no longer a Lancaster University Leipzig student.

Are you an international student?

The University will curtail your visa.


The Undergraduate withdrawal and tuition fee policy may be adjusted to comply with legal and regulatory frameworks and in relation to Lancaster University’s academic policies and procedures.