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Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft The German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (BVMW) is a politically independent association which caters for all commercial branches and professions, and represents the interests of small and medium-sized businesses in politics, with administrative authorities, with trade unions and with major companies. Lancaster University Leipzig is a proud member of the BVMW community, building long-term connections with the local businesses.

 Invest Region Leipzig -Logo As a company of the city of Leipzig, the Leipzig Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the districts of North Saxony and Leipzig, the Invest Region Leipzig GmbH is active as a settlement and acquisition agency for the Leipzig economic region.

BARMER BARMER is one of the biggest public health insurance providers in Germany. The company provides an affordable coverage for students including both preventive care and the treatment of illnesses. On top of this, our students gain access to BARMER’s special benefits, such as electronic health insurance card, free Teledoctor consultations around the clock, reimbursement for travel vaccinations and many more.

Basecamp Logo BaseCamp is a modern English-speaking student residence that offers fully furnished rooms with high-end comfort for students. Located near everything, and far from ordinary. Your objective is a degree. BaseCamp's objective is to make your life a little bit easier and a whole lot more interesting.

Coracle Logo Coracle was founded to ease the German Student Visa process. Coracle offers a digital, fast (within 24h) and uncomplicated solution for the requirements of a Blocked Account, a free Incoming Travel Insurance and a Health Insurance of the student’s choice. Coracle is approved by the Federal Foreign Office and documents are accepted by all German Embassies. A friendly and multilingual customer support guides you through the process.

Chancen-eg_logo  CHANCEN eG is a social enterprise, offering a fair financial solution that covers the cost of your education - an Income Shared Agreement. Once you are employed and you earn above the minimum income threshold, your income based repayments will fund the education of current students.

 Design Offices Design Offices is Germany’s no.1 provider of corporate coworking. As a pioneer of the new working spirit, Design Offices offer the right rooms for any occasion at more than thirty different sites. From motivational office and coworking spaces, through surroundings for team and private discussions, to inspiring conference and event locations – they provide the perfect environment for successful work.

 TK-Logo Techniker Krankenkasse is one of Germany’s largest and best statutory health insurance funds. Whether online via TK- App, by e-mail or telephone or in a face-to-face conversation - TK is at your service around the clock. As an innovative health partner, TK not only provides you with medical services, but also gives access to Mental Strategies as a balance to your studies.Through special care, TK guarantees you more quality, more service and therefore more health without additional costs.

Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft The Grammar School Nicosia is a leading private school in Cyprus. Founded in 1963, it has established an excellent reputation in Cyprus and abroad. Students are taught in English and build the academic skills which enable them to excel in their chosen career paths. Following the British curriculum, students complete IGCSE and A Level qualifications, as well as having the opportunity to gain a School Leaving Certificate - Apolytirion. As part of the Grammar School’s vision to prepare its students for the future through technology, it became the first Microsoft Showcase School in Cyprus as well as the first to add a STEM programme in the curriculum. A wide range of extra-curricular activities and opportunities for involvement in global programmes ensure that students receive a well-rounded education. As a result, Grammar School graduates continue their studies at prestigious universities around the world.