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Information and support for parents

Moving abroad for study can be a daunting experience for even the most confident of young adults, as well as a worrying time for parents.

Students who study internationally are faced with the challenges of a new education system, language barriers, unfamiliar terminology, and a new culture. Building a new home, in a new city, can be especially challenging when apart from family and close friends.

Academic performance is important, however safety, happiness, health and wellbeing are of equal significance.

The International Foundation Year is a special programme designed for international students and operated by Navitas. Navitas has been welcoming international students to various study destinations across the globe for over 24 years and is committed to providing a quality learning experience, as well as to the well being and happiness of students.

Information and support available before and after departure:

·       Course overview

·       Entry requirements

·       Course modules and content

·       Course fees/key payment dates

·       Method of assessment and pass marks

·       Contact hours

·       Semester dates

·       Placement/industry opportunities

·       Airport meet and greet

·       Accommodation support

·       Enrolment information

·       Travel to campus information

·       Family hotel recommendations

·       In-college support

·       Orientation activities

·       Welfare support

·       Campus and city tour

·       Doctor registration

·       Opening a bank account

·       Religious facilities

·       Accommodation advice

·       Timetabling

·       Communication skills

·       Academic monitoring

·       Progress meetings

Why Germany is a great option for your son or daughter?

- Third most popular study destination in the world

- 18 month post study work visa

- Accessible and well connected, by air and rail

- Ability to explore the rest of Europe on your study visa

- Affordable living costs

- Vibrant, dynamic and diverse study environment

- Safe and welcoming to international students 


Lancaster University Leipzig provides a unique opportunity to obtain high-quality UK education in Germany.