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After finalising your University and Degree choices, accommodation is one of the most important decisions you will need to make. It's vital that you feel happy and safe in your new home. 

After accepting your Unconditional Offer, you will be referred to the accommodation team. This team provides a wide variety of price and location options, to suit individual needs. They will talk you through the information, answer questions and help to overcome any concerns.

In Leipzig, there is a combination of public and private accommodation options available. These are spread across the city and we can advise on the options that are located near the campus, or in the heart of the city centre - there's an option to suit you.

BaseCamp Leipzig

For students new to Leipzig, we are recommending the very cool, colourful and welcoming, BaseCamp Leipzig. 

It's not just about having a place to stay, it's about being in a safe, supportive and top quality environment, that feels like home away from home. 

BaseCamp Leipzig goes that extra mile for residents, with regular events and activities, 24 hour on-site support, a well-equipped gym and a bicycle for every student during your stay.

BaseCamp operates with 6-month contracts. We recommend that all International students move into BaseCamp at first in order to get a proper chance to bond with other students and cultures. After the 6 months are up, students are free to look for alternative accommodation options with friends, or alone, if they prefer.


Indicative Costs (BaseCamp)

  • Shared flat (16-34 sqm): EUR 510 per month
  • Single flat (18-23 sqm): starting at EUR 530 per month
  • Studio flat (24-35 sqm): starting at EUR 615 per month

Please note: BaseCamp offers contracts with the duration of 6 months. This can be renewed for another period of 6 months. 

Students are required to pay EUR 100 initial fee before they sign their contract with BaseCamp.

For more information visit the BaseCamp website .


The booking process is very easy and is done with BaseCamp directly. Once you know you will accept your Unconditional Offer, it is vital to book accommodation as soon as possible to avoid disapointment. Visit the FAQ for more information on the booking process.