German industry

Discover Germany's strength across a multitude of industry sectors

Germany’s economy

Germany is one of the world’s strongest economies. It is a major player in manufacturing machinery, including cars and computers.  

Leipzig’s economy and industry are seeing a promising boom, with a focus on manufacturing, technology, finance, and the arts, making it a great place to study and launch your career. 

Some key indicators of the strength of Germany’s economy include:

  • 4th largest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the world
  • Largest economy in the European Union
  • Germany’s main exports are cars, machinery, chemicals, computers, and electronics
  • 11th in the Index of Economic Freedom, 2022
  • 27% GDP growth in 2021
  • Low unemployment rate (3%), destatis 2021  

Germany works

In Germany you will find a highly skilled workforce, excellent infrastructure, world-leading industries, a stable society and a great quality of life. Germany works, because all of its parts work smoothly together. 

Watch this video by our partner German Trade and Invest.

Industry in Leipzig

From its imperial fairs of the 1400s, to the important trade role it played during Germany’s industrial revolution, Leipzig has a long history of entrepreneurship.  

Although it suffered some economic decline after World War 2, the city’s industrial strength has been steadily increasing over the past few decades. Leipzig is now the fastest growing city in Germany as well as enjoying a booming population growth.  

Thanks to this, DHL, Amazon, Siemens, BMW, Porsche and many IT start-ups have set up shop in the city. The five main industries in Leipzig are: Automotive and Suppliers, Healthcare and Biotech, Energy and Environment, Logistics, IT, and Media and Creative.

Bright future in Leipzig

The fastest growing city region in Germany, this video by our partner Invest Region Leipzig, highlights a few key reasons why businesses are choosing to expand to Leipzig, Germany. With the youngest demographic in the country, Leipzig combines a sense of space with strong technical infrastructure built around a busy logistics hub.