LU Leipzig students and their year abroad at the LU Bailrigg campus, UK

February 15, 2022

Second year in Lancaster University main campus experience

A few of our students decided to spend their second year at Lancaster University’s Bailrigg campus in the UK. We asked Leonard and Shyavindi, our BSc (Hons) Business Management students, and Yusef. a BSc (Hons) Computer Science student to share their experience with us.

Why did you choose to study abroad at Lancaster University, UK?

Shyavindi: One of my biggest passions in life is travelling so when I found out I can study abroad in not just one but 2 different countries, it really excited me. The opportunity to study in 2 very diverse cultures was an absolutely amazing opportunity I didn't want to pass out on. I also wanted to study in an English speaking country for a year for a change since I wasn't very fluent in German.  The fact that Lancaster University is also one of the universities in the UK also really attracted me and I wanted to see the difference between studying in a massive university in comparison to studying in a relatively smaller one.

Yusef: I chose Lancaster University in Bailrigg because of how big the campus is and the overall environment. Meeting people from all over the world has been really fun.

Student aboard

What surprised you the most at Bailrigg, in England or UK?

Shyavindi: It's so incredibly cold and windy!! I come from a tropical island so the change to German weather was quite a challenge (especially coming straight into winter) but when I arrived in Bailrigg I was longing for the German winter! Thankfully however, living in campus makes life easier as there's not a lot of outdoor commuting to do when going for lectures and getting groceries. But I must say it does take quite some time to get to the city center from the university so that's not the most convenient.

Tell us about your student experiences!

Shyavindi: Travelling in the UK has been quite fun! I visited Manchester with my flat mates and it was an absolute blast! There’s so many things to explore here. There is also a crazy number of societies in university that keep you super busy! I’m currently in the acapella society and I’m also a part of the society executives as the event manager. We also have colleges here which is another exciting thing! I’m in Pendle college and our slogan is a witch! We have different events organised by the college such as live music shows and pub quizzes. I also am an events officer for my college which has been so much of fun and a really good learning experience!

Leo: I have had some interesting discussions with a few lecturers and was delighted to see their engagement with students although the courses had around 200-300 students attending lectures. I love the library – it reminds me of the Albertina in Leipzig. It is a great work environment and helps you focus on your studies with everyone around doing the same thing.

Student aboard

Yusef: Getting used the full campus experience for me has been challenging yet very exciting and educational. Since i came here i have seen all the major places in Lancaster and also went to Manchester which was really fun.

What are the differences and similarities between the two Lancaster campuses?

Shyavindi: The obvious difference between the two universities is the number of students; Lancaster university is like its own town! But I must say the teaching quality and the teachers’ dedication to the students is something I benefitted from in both places. And also the constant checking up done on the students by the universities is quite comforting. I always had someone to turn to if I ever needed anything in both Leipzig and Bailrigg which I'm immensely grateful for!

Leo: The learning approach remains the same – although the small number of students at LU Leipzig remains to be one of the biggest perks. I love the campus at Bailrigg and the extra-curricular activities that Lancaster has to offer – generally a more engaged student life (possibly also because of different COVID restrictions). 

Student aboard

What would you say to your peers who are thinking about studying abroad at Lancaster University?

Shyavindi: To anyone wondering if they want to take up on this opportunity, if you have the means to do so I'd a 100% recommend it. The living expenses in the UK are definitely higher than in Leipzig but I think the experience I'm getting here is definitely worth it. Not to mention the extra module choices given! 

Leo: Although studying abroad might often seem like a big leap to take – it is worth every second of anxiety before arriving on campus! I feel like especially during times of Brexit where the two cultures seem to drift apart more and more – we as students can serve as ambassadors for both countries!

Yusef: To a person that is thinking of studying abroad in Lancaster University I would definitely recommend that they come here. This has been one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life and one of the best decisions I have made.

All Lancaster University Leipzig student have an opportunity to study their entire second year at Lancaster University’s Bailrigg campus in the UK, while paying the lower fees associated with the German campus. This is a competitive process so the students need to perform optimally during their first degree programme year to be considered.