Leipzig Symposium on Intelligent Systems (LEISYS) 2022

April 25, 2022

Leipzig Symposium on Intelligent Systems

Join us for Leipzig Symposium on Intelligent Systems LEISYS 2022 on 28-29 April! On day 1, you can participate either on campus or remotely. On day 2, all events will take place online via Microsoft Teams. 

This year's edition will bring together researchers from a diverse set of backgrounds to discuss applications and risks of intelligent systems, as well as methods to develop such systems. The expertise of the speakers at the symposium covers, among other topics, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Logic, Cognitive Systems, Formal Methods, Knowledge Representation & Reasoning, and Hybrid Artificial Intelligence. The event will also be open to the interested public; in particular, a panel discussion on a more general topic on intelligent systems will also address students and a non-expert audience.

For detailed information about the speakers and the programme, visit the website at https://www.lancaster.ac.uk/leisys/