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COVID-19 policies

Lancaster University Leipzig’s main priority is the safety and well-being of our students, staff, and community. Therefore, we have adopted detailed safety protocols and measures based on the guidance of relevant German authorities, which we update and adapt accordingly. 

Latest updates

8 April 2022

The obligation to wear an FFP2 mask still applies in the following facilities:

  • Health and social care institutions (hospitals, medical practices, care facilities, outpatient care)

  • local public transport (students only need a medical mask)

  • The state government strongly recommends wearing masks in publicly accessible indoor spaces and maintaining the minimum distance

  • Lancaster University Leipzig still requires wearing a FFP2 mask and keep a minimum distance while on campus

  • Daily updates and info on the regulations in place can be found on the City of Leipzig website (in English).

14 January 2022 

Lancaster University Leipzig has adopted a hybrid delivery model for the Lent term, in line with government advice. For detailed information and Covid-19 regulations on campus please see the Covid-19 Safe Plan that has been emailed to you.

Local situation

  • Leisure venues such as cinemas and concert venues reopen 14 January for the fully vaccinated or recovered (“2G”)

  • Fitness clubs reopen for the fully vaccinated or recovered. A negative antigen test done on the same day must be produced (“2G+”)

  • Local and long-distance public transport available for the fully vaccinated, the recovered and for those who can produce an antigen test done on the same day (“3G”) – evidence must be produced

  • Restaurants offer indoor and outdoor dining (2G+, 2G) and close at 10pm

  • Hairdressers and barbers accept 3G customers

  • Bars, clubs and discotheques remain closed for the time being

  • Wearing a face mask remains mandatory in confined spaces and on public transport

  • Social distancing and hygiene rules continue to apply

In light of the spread of the Omicron virus variant the Saxony state government has defined a set of critical thresholds. Measures may be relaxed or tightened at short notice if these thresholds are met. The next regular review of the current measures is scheduled for 6 February 2022.

Daily updates and info on the regulations in place can be found on the City of Leipzig website (in English).

The federal and state governments are urging everyone to get vaccinated and boosted. Booster shots are recommended by the public health authority after three months have passed since one’s second injection. Covid-19 vaccines are available free of charge to all residents of the city of Leipzig, regardless of nationality or immigration status. This applies to both the first and second injections and to booster shots.

The City of Leipzig website includes a comprehensive overview of various drop-in vaccination centres across the city of Leipzig (in English). We recommend the one closest to campus, at the opera house (“Oper”).